Grilled Tomato – Bell Pepper – Coconut Milk Soup

I am a sucker for soups made from grilled veggies. Do you love them too? My favorites are grilled Tomatoes and Basil soup, a fall special Pumpkin soup or a Sweet Potato Soup. Winter is such a lovely season. I swear by my soups in winter like I do salads in summers. They are so…


Tamatar-Dhaniye ka Shorba (Tomato-Coriander Soup)

I love tomato soup? Thatโ€™s the first ever soup my mum made for me and I am a big fan. She would always buy tomatoes in bulk in winters and make a mean Tomato soup with lots of pepper for that added fire. Remembering that flavor, I make several variations of the humble Tomato soup….