Beetroot – Garlic Leaf Paratha/Flatbread

I love beets. They are such a versatile veggie and can be used in savory and sweets alike. Though I love making a Poriyal or a hummus about them and are my go-to dishes. Other than that I also love a nice Beetroot Upma, Dosai, Ravioli, Soup and even Parathas. My husband is not a…


Beetroot Upma (Semolina Porridge)

I love Upma. Period! Hence, I make as many variations as possible. I make the regular upma, I make Tomato Upma, Spinach upma, Quinoa Upma and so on. Recently I made Beetroot Upma and absolutely loved it. It had such a beautiful pink colour and was so healthy and I am certainly making it again….

Beetroot Poriyal

The first time I had Beetroot Poriyal was in my hostel and I hated it and I never ate it after that for the 2 years I stayed there. One of my close friends from Kerala convinced me I would love it if it were properly made. I then had a chance of eating it…