Bisi Bele Bath

I lived in Bangalore for four years and was amazed by the sheer variety and diversity of Kannada food. Before living in Bangalore, south Indian food for me meant only idlis, dosas and vadas. It was later I realized the variety of Kannadiga food in the form of Akki Rotis, Bisi Bele Bath, Medhu vada,…


Onion-Tomato Chutney (Tamatar-Pyaz ki chutney)

Chutneys are such an important part of our food. They do wonders in enhancing the flavors of the food multifold. I swear by them and can’t have a few dishes without chutneys. Like idlis and dosas, appe, sandwiches and the list is long but you get the hang of it. Don’t you? Here are some…

Peanut-Coriander Chutney (South Indian Style)

Chutneys are such an integral part of Indian cuisine. They have the magical power of enhancing the flavor of food multifold in spite of the fact that they are no-fuss and really simple to make.  I really swear by all my chutneys and condiments. Hope you have seen my coriander-tomato chutney and vinegar onion pickle recipes….

Beetroot Upma (Semolina Porridge)

I love Upma. Period! Hence, I make as many variations as possible. I make the regular upma, I make Tomato Upma, Spinach upma, Quinoa Upma and so on. Recently I made Beetroot Upma and absolutely loved it. It had such a beautiful pink colour and was so healthy and I am certainly making it again….