I am consuming my weight in sugar this winter. It’s been a constant intake of Ladoos, Gajjaks/Chikkis, Pinnis, and Gajar ka Halwa and what not. February is going to be a tough month trying to lose all that weight that was gained over the last two months. I was detected with insulin resistance about two years ago and since then I have been regularly exercising and constantly bringing down my sugar levels in check. They are pretty normal now and this year I have been getting major sugar cravings, like the one I haven’t had before.

However, before I stop making all these sweets and sharing them with you, thought would share maybe one or two of my favorites that I have been eating all season long. One such recipe an incredible combo that can be found in almost all winter weddings in North India – Gajar ka Halwa and Rabdi. If you want to check out some amazing dishes to gorge during winters in Delhi, then don’t forget to read this amazing list of  10 Must-Have Winter Dishes in Delhi by Meenakshi from Backpacking with my Lens.

I had cooled my Halwa down and set it up like a cheesecake so here I am sharing the recipe for my Fusion Gajar ka Halwa and Rabdi Cheesecake. I had created and shared an elaborate recipe for Gajar ka Halwa a few weeks back, so here I am sharing the Rabdi recipe and how I set it up for a cheesecake. To make it easier for everyone to consume, given it’s grain-free, I had set the recipe in individual cocktail glasses. Feel free to set it up in one single pan.

COOKING TIME: 40 minutes


  1. Milk – 1 Litre Full cream
  2. Milkmaid – 1-2 tablespoons (optional)
  3. Nuts – 1 tablespoon (almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc.)


  1. Kadhai
  2. Wooden Spatula


  1. Take a Litre of full cream in a non-stick Kadhai and allow it to boil on medium-high heat.
  2. Then lower the heat and allow the milk to condense and cook slowly for another 15 minutes or so. Keep stirring every 5 minutes so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.
Boil milk and keep stirring
Boil milk and keep stirring

3. Add a little condensed milk to it if you like and mix well. Don’t add a lot of it since it will be paired with Gajar ka Halwa which is also very sweet. I personally dont like adding any sugar/condensed milk to my Rabdi.
4. Cook it until it’s still runny but has turned light brown.
5. Cool down the Rabdi for some time and then place it in a refrigerator or another hour or so.
6. Take a nice tin mould or cocktail glasses like I took.
7. Add cooled down Gajar ka Halwa to the bottom and press it down. Then add thick Rabdi and place a thick layer on top.
8. Sprinkle some diced nuts on top and serve.

Gajar ka Halwa and Rabdi Cheesecake is ready. Dig in!

Gajar ka Halwa and Rabdi in a cocktail glass
Gajar ka Halwa and Rabdi in a cocktail glass