Nolen Gurer Rosogullas is a delightful dessert with the goodness and richness of Nolen Gur. They are also comparatively healthy and guilt-free. Nolen Gur is Date Palm Jaggery and is usually available in winters. It is in a slightly liquid to a semi-liquid state and has a really caramel-y texture. I usually buy a big bulk of the Gur/Jaggery before the end of winters in January and use it in my desserts like Kheer and Rosogullas throughout the year.

Rosogullas are Chena dumplings made by curdling milk. Then these are dunked in a Gur/Jaggery and hot water gravy. Chill them slightly and dig in.


  1. Regular Gur/Jaggery: If you can’t find Nolen Gur, you can also use regular Gur or even Sugar for the regular variety.
  2. Shortcut: When I am pressed for time and wish to prepare these Nolen Gurer Rosogullas quickly, I use paneer. If you use paneer, make sure it’s fresh and soft. If It has become a little hard because of storing in the refrigerator, put it in hot water for 5 minutes before using it.

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COOKING TIME: 30 minutes


For the Chena –  
  1. Milk – 1 Litre
  2. Vinegar or lemon juice – 2-3 tablespoons
  3. Coldwater/ice cubes – 1 cup
For the Rosogullas & Nolen Gur syrup –
  1. Cornflour – 1 teaspoon
  2. Nolen Gur – ½ cup
  3. Water – 3-4 cups



  1. Heavy Bottom Pan
  2. Kadhai/wok



For the Chena –
  1. Boil a liter of milk on high heat.
  2. Once it boils, add a cup of cold water or ice cubes. This will bring down the temperature quickly.
  3. Now either add lemon juice or vinegar and mix.
  4. This will curdle the milk and separate chena from the whey.
Curdled Milk

5. Drain and wash the chena under running water multiple times so that the sour taste washes away.
6. Hang this in a muslin cloth for 30 minutes so that excess water gets drained.

For the Rosogullas and Nolen Gur Syrup –
  1. Massage the chena with your hands for 10 minutes. Add a little cornflour while massaging. If the chena seems very dry, then wet your hands while massaging. This will incorporate some moisture into the chena.
  2. Make small balls of this and keep them aside.
Make small Chena balls

9. Add ½ cup of Nolen Gur in a wok along with 3-4 cups of water. Place this on high heat until the jaggery is completely dissolved.
10. Drop the chena balls in the jaggery syrup gently and place it on medium-low flame for 15-18 minutes until they double in size.

Drop_the_chena_balls_in _the_jaggery-water_syrup
Drop the chena balls in the jaggery-water syrup

11. Remove the rosogullas in a separate container and place the syrup on medium heat for another 10 minutes to thicken the syrup.
12. Place the rosogullas back in the syrup and cool them down.

Enjoy the Nolen Gurer Rosogullas chilled!

Nolen Gurer Rosogullas