Christmas is around the corner and I can’t help but feel super excited about it. I am a die-hard fan of all the fun and festivities, decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping gifts, baking cookies and chocolates and of course making mulled wine. It isn’t Christmas if not for this.

I have gotten into a full-blown Christmas frenzy and into my bake mode. I am baking all my favorites and all the Christmas-y things and trust me my house smells amazing almost every evening. J

I first bake of the season are the gorgeous Salted Caramel brownies and I made them super healthy since I made them with Ragi flour and added brown sugar instead of white sugar. I hope you like this easy eggless  chocolate brownie recipe as this one’s really a keeper.

COOKING TIME: 5 minutes
SERVINGS: 12 brownies

Eggless Salty Caramel Brownies


For the salty caramel sauce –

  1. Sugar – 1/3 cup
  2. Water – 2-3 tablespoons
  3. Fresh cream – 1/3 cup
  4. Butter – one small stick
  5. Salt – to taste

For the brownies –

  1. Ragi flour – ½ cup
  2. All-Purpose flour – ¾ cup
  3. Dry milk powder – 4-5 tablespoons
  4. Brown sugar – ¾ cup
  5. Cocoa powder – 1/3 cup
  6. Curd – ½ cup
  7. Olive oil – ¼ cup
  8. Milk – ½ cup
  9. Dark cooking chocolate – 1/3 cup
  10. Baking powder – 1 teaspoon
  11. Salty caramel sauce – 1/3 cup


  1. Mixing bowl
  2. Blender
  3. OTG
  4. Aluminum/microwave safe tray/dish
  5. Butter paper


For the salty caramel sauce –

  1. Take a heavy bottom pan and add sugar and water. Place it on a low flame and keep stirring constantly.
  2. Once the sugar dissolves and starts changing color, keep a hawk-eye on it. Hot sugar is at a really high temperature, so handle delicately.
  3. The mix will turn to light yellow and then will start getting a little brown. Turn off the heat as soon as you see it turning brown otherwise it goes too far and turns bitter.
Sugar gets caramelized

4. Let it cool for about a minute and then add cream. It will splutter but keep mixing it until it dissolves.
          5. Place it on heat and add in a butter stick and some salt. Since I had salted butter, I didn’t add both separately and used it instead.
          6. Once everything is mixed well, take it off the heat and allow it to cool before using it for the brownies. You can easily store this sauce in a refrigerator for a few weeks.

Salty Caramel sauce

For the brownies –

  1. In a bowl, add both the ragi and all-purpose flours, dry milk powder and mix well.
  2. Add in the baking powder and cocoa powder as well.
  3. In a blender jar, add the oil, curd and sugar and blend everything.
  4. Add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix.
  5. Add in the milk slowly, till you get a batter with the right consistency.
  6. Grate dark chocolate and fold it well.
Add Grated chocolate to the brownie mix

7. Pour the batter into a baking tray and drizzle the caramel sauce on top.
           8. Place it into a preheated OTG for 35 – 40 minutes.
           9. Once the brownies are cooked, cool them for 5-7 minutes before cutting them with a knife.
          10.  Add more caramel sauce on top if you like and serve warm.

Use vegan cream and curd to make Vegan Salted caramel brownies.

Eggless Salty Caramel Brownies