Infused Water became a raging trend few years ago. I was introduced to it by a friend who told me that it will aid in my weight loss journey. You can basically add any citrus fruit to your water along with ginger, mint, or basil leaves to make it nourishing and tasty. It is also considered to be rich in anti-oxidants, detoxifying, hence helps with weight loss.

It is so important to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking a good amount of water keeps you healthy and improves your skin and hair too. It becomes all the more important to stay hydrated in summers where the skin gets easily parched due to heat and we keep losing moisture and water through sweat.

These infused water varieties make drinking water interesting. I hope you make them and keep yourself fresh and hydrated during summers. Remember to have this for a week and then give a week’s break.

SERVINGS: 4 glasses


1. Strawberries – 4-5
2. Pomegranate seeds – ½ cup
3. Lemon – ½
4. Ginger – a stick
5. Basil Leaves – 4-5
6. Mint leaves – a handful
7. Orange – 4-5 pieces
8. Cinnamon stick – 1
9. Water – a liter


1. Mason jars
2. Infuser


1. Properly wash and dry the strawberries, and cut them into small bite-size pieces.
2. Peel and extract the seeds from a pomegranate.
3. Take four mason jars/glass bottles to make a cup of infused water each.
4. Add strawberry pieces and basil leaves in one bottle and fill it with water.
5. Take pomegranate seeds and mint leaves in another and add water.
6. For the next jar, take 2 slices, ginger slices, and mint leaves and water in it.
7. In another jar add a few orange slices and a cinnamon stick along with water.
8. Keep them in a refrigerator for at least 4-5 hours or overnight.
9. Sip it through the day and enjoy it. I am sure you will like the tangy fresh flavors.


I have used strawberries, pomegranate, oranges, basil, ginger, and lemon-infused waters. Some other favorites are cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, and so on. You can obviously mix and match. Do try these out and share your favorites with me.

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