I am such a fan of kheer, payesh and firni. You name it and I love it. And this is big in spite of the fact that I don’t have a strong inclination towards Indian sweets. But these milk-based puddings are an exception and I absolutely love them.

Hope you have seen my Rice Firni and Saffron Kheer recipes too. This recipe is a Bengali delicacy which is enjoyed especially in winters. Nolen Gur or Date Palm jaggery is especially found and had in winters and has a lovely taste.

This is a really simple version and you could make it grand. My husband doesn’t like a very dense version so I kept it slightly runny though you could easily add more condensed milk and make it thicker. I added strawberries and dried rose petals too. Strawberry gives a nice and light flavour and adds freshness too. Dried Rose petals are such a royal touch and enhance the flavour even more.

COOKING TIME: 45 minutes
SERVINGS: 4 cups

Nolen Gurer Payesh

1. Full cream milk – 1 litre
2. Rice – ¼ cup
3. Condensed milk – 4 tablespoons
4. Nolen gur/Date palm jaggery – ½ cup
5. Strawberries – 4-5
6. Rose Petals – a few
7. Dried fruits – a handful

1. Wash rice properly and soak them in water for 20-30 minutes.
2. Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan and let it come to boil. Keep stirring.
3. Lower the heat and break the soaked rice with your fingers and add it to the milk.
4. Let the rice cook in the milk on low heat for 25 minutes or so.
5. Keep stirring constantly and make sure that the mix doesn’t stick to the bottom.
6. Once the rice is nicely cooked, add the condensed milk and mix well.
7. Remove the pan from heat and add the nolen gur/jaggery.
8. Allow this to cool for about half an hour or so.
9. Add strawberry slices, dry fruits and rose petals and serve. It tastes best served cold. 