I love Chilli pickles, whether they are made of green or red chilies, whether its split chillis or whole stuffed ones (bharwa mirch). Think you get the drift, right. 🙂

During winters when chillis are in abundance, my mom makes this really simple chili pickle. She calls its Kutti, Hindi for ground chillis. There is a similar chili pickle made in Rajasthan and it’s called Mirchi ke Tipore.

Don’t estimate the humble Chilli and consider it a side dish, it is rich in nutrients too. It prevents cold since its rich in Vitamin C along with Vit. A, K and B6. It is also rich in fiber, Potassium, and Manganese.

So read on this healthy and literally a 15-minute recipe of the Instant Chilli Pickle. I have used big chillis (moti mirch) for this that you get in this winter. Love their capsicum like flavor and they are not spicy at all.  Hope you have seen my other Instant Amla Pickle and Instant Haldi Pickle recipes too.

instant mirch ka achar

SERVINGS: 40 or more

1. Green Chillis – 1/2 kg
2. Lemon – 3
3. Vegetable oil – 2-3 tablespoons
4. Fennel seeds – 3 tablespoons
5. Fenugreek seeds – 2 tablespoons
6. Vinegar – 2 tablespoons
7. Salt – 3-4 tablespoons

1. Remove the stalks and wash the chillis thoroughly and let them dry properly. You could dry them in the sun by placing them on a muslin cloth.

Drying chili

2. In a pan, dry roast the fennel and fenugreek seeds till their aromatic oils start coming out.
3. Allow the spices to cool and ground them in a mixer.
4. Pulse the chillis in a food processor twice. Make sure they ground into small pieces and doesn’t become a complete paste. Alternatively, you could also do this in a mortar and pestle which will take longer.
5. In a big bowl, mix the chillis, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, oil, and the dried and roasted spices.

Mirchi Pickle Preparation

6. Mix well.

The pickle would be ready to eat within the next 3-4 hours. This can stay for 3-4 weeks if you keep it in a refrigerator. Keep them in a china bowl or a glass jar.