New Year is here finally and I wish a very Happy New Year to everyone reading this post. Since, there has been an overload of winter-y recipes all around, I thought of giving it a rest. With the New Year spirit everywhere and all the alcohol I have been drinking, I decided to quickly one of my favorites – White Wine Sangria.

Sangrias are a popular drink from Spain and are usually made with Red Wine. It has punch like features and is made by adding wine with some fruit slices.  I love adding all the seasonal fruits to it. Strawberry and oranges are available in abundance right now and I love how they spritz up the wine. I love making it with a Chardonnay and hence have used Jacob’s Creek here. You can actually add any white wine of your liking. You could even add a splash of Triple Sec or Tequilla to this though I haven’t done that.

Strawberry and Orange Sangria


1. White Wine – 2 Wine Glasses
2. Strawberries – 5
3. Orange – 1
4. Lemon – 2 slices
5. Mint/Basil Leaves – 4-5 leaves

1. Cut thin rounds from orange and lemon. Cut small slices from the Strawberry too.
2. Take two wine glasses and add the chilled Chardonnay to them.
3. Take all the fruits slices and leaves in a glass and muddle them lightly.
4. Now add 2 orange slices, 7-8 strawberry slices, 1 lemon slice, 2 mint and 2 basil leaves in each glass.
5. Keep the wine for chilling in a refrigerator for 4-5 hours and serve chilled.

You can increase the quantity of the ingredients if you are making more glasses. some people like to sweeten it with a sugar syrup but I feel it loses its potency by adding it. So, choose whatever you like. This is a definite crowd pleaser!

Strawberry Orange Sangria