Winter brings in many many joys and eating as much as you can is one of them. Think I have professed my love for winters numerous times and I need not get into raving about it again. J

Another winter favorite is Gazzak. It is also called Gur Patti or Chikki. I love making various variations to it with Peanuts, Sesame seeds/til, dry fruits and even rose petals.

I like them plain and simple though people add fennel seeds/saunf and Carom Seeds/Ajwaein to it too.  Hope you try this simple yet healthy dessert too.

COOKING TIME: 15 minutes
SERVINGS: 25-30 pieces

Gur Chikki

1. Jaggery/Gur – 500gms
2. Sugar – ½ cup
3. Roasted Peanuts – 1 cup
4. Sesame Seeds/Til – ½ cup
5. Rose Petals – a handful
6. Clarified Butter/Ghee – 2 tablespoons

1. Dry roast the peanuts on a low flame for about 10 minutes. Let them cool for 5 minutes or so and then remove the peels with your hands.
2. Remove the peels and save the peanuts.
3. Dry roast the sesame seeds for about 2-3 minutes as well.
4. In a wok or kadhai, add half of the jaggery and a tablespoon of ghee on high flame.
5. Keep mixing till the jaggery and ghee mix melts and blends together.
6. Once the jaggery starts turning color, lower the flame slightly. Allow it to caramelize and turn a light shade of brown.
7. A test to check that the jaggery is done, place the sharp end of a knife into the mix and then take it off and place it in your mouth. It should not stick to the teeth and should be like a tough toffee.

Melted Jaggery

8. Quickly add in the roasted and peeled peanuts and mix well.

Gur Chikki

9. Take this mix on a clean and dry surface quickly and roll them with a rolling pin to about 3-4 inch thickness.
10. Cut them in small bite size pieces and allow it to cool.
11. Similarly, repeat the steps 4-10 with Sesame Seeds/til as well.
12. For the sugar version, take sugar in a kadhai and allow it to melt.
13. Add til or pistachios to it and add some dried rose petals.
14. Roll it quickly and cut them into small pieces too.
15. Your chikki is ready to eat.