Christmas is such a festive time of the year. I love everything that comes with it – cold weather, snows, roasted meals, Christmas trees and decorations, get-togethers and holidays and the list is endless truly.

With all that Christmas-y vibe everywhere plus the super chilly weather, I decided to do some baking and mull some wine. I made these gorgeous Linzer cookies with strawberry jam and some beautiful lemon and blueberry muffins.

I am sharing this recipe of a super simple and easy to do mulled wine. You may, of course, make your own variations. I love all the aromatics in it, which give it such a nice and warm vibe. It tastes the best with a dry wine like a Pinot Noir, Shiraz or a Cabernet. You could even use a medium Merlot or a Zinfandel or any wine of your liking.

Mulled wine

COOKING TIME: 15 minutes

1. Red Wine – 4 cups
2. Orange/Maltese/Blood Orange –  1
3. Cinnamon sticks – 2
4. Star anise – 3-4
5. Cloves – 2-3
6. Honey – 1 tablespoon
7. Brandy – ¼ cup, optional

1. In a heavy bottom pan, take 4 cups of wine. Keep it on simmer.
2. Cut rounds of an Orange or Maltese and add it to the pan.
3. Also, add in a tablespoon of honey and the aromatics.
4. You could spike it further with a splash of brandy or whiskey.
5. Let this simmer for 10-12 minutes and keep stirring. Make sure it doesn’t come to a boil.
6. Serve hot.