I love savory crepes and keep making newer versions to keep it interested. But this recipe is my go-to and I love making it again and again. The best part is that it’s so healthy and completes the dietary protein requirement since I add all the lentils in it and add tofu as a stuffing.

COOKING TIME: 15 minutes

1. Split Green Lentil (tukdi moong daal) – ½ cup
2. Mix lentils – ½ cup (you could add masoor/chana/toor daal)
3. Tofu – ½ cup, grated
4. Capsicum/carrots/cabbage – ½ cup, finely diced
5. Onion – 1, medium
6. Green Chili – 1
7. Ginger – 1 small piece, grated
8. Cumin seeds – 1 teaspoon
9. Oil – few tablespoons
10. Salt – to taste


1. Thoroughly wash and soak the lentils overnight.
2. Use some of the water from the soaked lentils and add a chili, a small piece of ginger, salt and blend well into a nice runny batter.
3. Add more water if needed.
4. Take a non-stick pan and place it on medium heat. Grease it with oil and then sprinkle some cold water on it.
5. Once the water evaporates, add a ladle of the batter on it.
6. Cook it on medium heat for 3-4 minutes till it cooks well and then flip it to cook on the other side too.
7. Repeat the steps with the entire batter to make small cheelas or pancakes.
8. Take a pan and add some oil to it.
9. Add cumin seeds and allow them to crackle.
10. Add finely diced veggies and salt. You could choose carrots, capsicum, broccoli, cabbage, beans or any other veggies.
11. Once they are cooked for 2-3 minutes, add grated tofu to it and switch off the heat.
12. Add a tablespoon of this in the cheelas and serve hot with chutney.