I love Upma. Period! Hence, I make as many variations as possible. I make the regular upma, I make Tomato Upma, Spinach upma, Quinoa Upma and so on. Recently I made Beetroot Upma and absolutely loved it.

It had such a beautiful pink colour and was so healthy and I am certainly making it again. You could add several veggies to it to alter the flavour as you like.

COOKING TIME: 25-30 minutes

Beetroot Upma

1. Semolina or Sooji – 3/4 cup
2. Beetroot – 1, large
3. Potato – 1, medium
4. Curry leaves- 5-6
5. Green Chilli – 1
6. Ginger – 3-inch piece
7. Lemon juice – 2 tablespoons
8. Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon
9. Chana/Tuhar Daal (pigeon lentil) – 1 tablespoon
10. Water – 3 cups
11. Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons
12. Salt – to taste

1. Take a small pan and add some oil and mustard seeds to it.
2. Peel and roughly dice the beetroot and add it to the pan with some salt to it.
3. Add ¼ cup water to quicken the cooking process.
4. Let the beets cook for 4-5 minutes till they soften and cook. Don’t overcook otherwise you will lose the beautiful pink colour.
5. Let the cooked beets rest and cool for 5-7 minutes and then grind them in a blender into a smooth paste. Add some water if needed.
6. Take semolina in a dry wok and roast it on medium heat until it turns light brown.
7. Remove this roasted semolina in a plate and keep it aside.
8. Add 2 cups of water in a pan and let it come to boil.
9. Add a tablespoon of oil in a wok and add mustard seeds and allow them to splutter.
10. Add curry leaves, slit green chillies, grated ginger and lentil to it.
11. Peel and dice the potato into small pieces and add them to the wok.
12. Remove half of the tempering and potatoes for garnish later.
13. Add the roasted semolina to the wok next.
14. Add the beet blend and boiling water to the wok,.
15. Let semolina soak all the water and fluff up.
16. Turn off the heat when most of the water is soaked up.
17. Add the saved potatoes and tempering on top and serve hot.

Beetroot Upma