Tabbouleh is a healthy and fresh middle-eastern salad made to accompany with a lot of rich food. I love eating Tabbouleh only when I am craving for simple, home-cooked meals, especially for my dinner.

I make several variations of the classic Tabbouleh. This one here is a couscous Tabbouleh. It’s absolutely fresh and full of crunchy elements. Whenever I am cooking chickpeas, I keep some aside to make an easy Tabbouleh salad for myself later and that’s what I did even today. Here’s the recipe, let me know how do you like it?

COOKING TIME: 15 minutes



  1. Couscous – ½ cup
  2. Cucumber – 1
  3. Tomato – 1, medium
  4. Pomegranate – ½
  5. Garlic Cloves -2
  6. Lemon – 1, juice and zest
  7. Olive oil – 1 tablespoon
  8. Red onion – 1, small
  9. Hung curd – 1-2 tablespoons
  10. Boiled Chickpeas – ½ cup
  11. Cumin powder – 1 teaspoon
  12. Cilantro – for garnish
  13. Salt – to taste


  1. Cook the couscous as per instructions on the pack. Add some salt, olive oil and juice and zest of a lemon to add freshness to the couscous.
  2. Run a fork through the couscous to fluff it up once it’s cooked.
  3. Add the cooked couscous to a salad bowl. Add boiled chickpeas and mix well.
  4. Deseed the cucumbers and add them to the salad.
  5. Chop tomatoes and onion and add them to the bowl as well.
  6. Crush 2 cloves of garlic and mix it too.
  7. Cut a pomegranate and add seeds from half of it to the salad. This will give a nice sweetness to the salad.
  8. Add some salt, crushes cumin powder and lemon juice. Since the couscous has salt, add it accordingly.
  9. Garnish with some cilantro and serve fresh with a few dollops of curd.

Enjoy this wholesome East-Mediterranean salad.