Happy Easter everyone! Spring came and went and it’s almost summer time. Wanted to make a chocolate cheesecake with oranges and strawberries before they disappear until winters. And it turned about to be the perfect Easter weekend treat! This eggless no-bake chocolate is so easy to make and can be fixed easily in the night to be consumed the next day which is exactly what I did.

Here’s the recipe for this cheesecake. Let me know which is your favourite cheesecake recipe. J



  1. Dates – 1 cup
  2. Walnuts – 1/3 cup
  3. Almonds – ½ cup
  4. Heavy cream – 1 cup
  5. Dark chocolate (orange flavoured if possible) – 1 slab, ½ cup melted
  6. Orange zest – 1
  7. Orange juice – ½ cup
  8. Powdered sugar – 5 tablespoons
  9. Strawberries – 4-5
  10. Dried cranberries – a handful



  1. Take seedless dates in a blender and pulse until they are broken down thoroughly.
  2. Remove from the blender and add walnuts and almonds and grind until they turn into a powder.
  3. Add the broken dates mix and pulse until they are thoroughly mixed.
  4. Take a cheesecake tray and place this mix onto the tray.
  5. Take a bowl and push the mix down so that it forms a smooth and thick layer.
  6. Place the tray to refrigerate for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Now take orange juice in a pan and allow it to boil until it thickens and only half is left. Add powdered sugar to it and let the mixture cool.
  8. Melt the chocolate on a double boiler until it turns into a smooth velvety mix. Allow it to cool.
  9. Beat the heavy cream until soft peaks form.
  10. Add the orange-sugar mix, chocolate to the cream and fold lightly.
  11. Add the zest of an orange for extra flavours.
  12. Take the tin out and pour the mixture on top uniformly. Tap to remove air bubbles.
  13. Place this in a refrigerator overnight or for at least 4 hours.
  14. Place strawberries and dried cranberries on top and serve.
  15. Place it in a refrigerator and allow it to cool overnight or 8 hours.

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