This has been a super hectic week with a lot of running around and dinner has been a humble soup or salad every single night. Wanted to spice it up slightly and make some junk but still keeping an eye on the calorie meter.

Here’s what I did to make it super healthy:

  1. Skipped adding any cheese
  2. Replaced the regular mayo with a low fat one
  3. Added fewer potatoes and more carrots
  4. Added brown bread crumbs instead of the regular bread crumbs
  5. Added tons of fresh veggies to increase the fiber content

Feel free to replace/change any step as per your mood. J

COOKING TIME: 25 minutes



  1. Carrots – 4
  2. Potatoes – 2, medium sized
  3. Beans – 8-10
  4. Peas – ½ cup
  5. Brown bread crumbs – ½ cup
  6. Chopped coriander – ¼ cup
  7. Chilli powder – 1 teaspoon
  8. Purple cabbage – 2-3 leaves
  9. Iceberg Lettuce – 2-3 leaves
  10. Tomatoes – 1, large
  11. Onion – 1, medium
  12. English mustard – 1 teaspoon
  13. Mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon
  14. Ketchup – 1 tablespoon
  15. Butter – 2 tablespoons
  16. Vegetable oil – 1 -2 tablespoons
  17. Salt – to taste


  1. Peel carrots and potatoes and roughly chop them and add them in a pressure cooker with 2 cups of water.
  2. Add peas and beans too.
  3. Allow one whistle and turn the flame on low for 2 minutes and turn off the flame. Open the cooker once the pressure is released.
  4. Place veggies in a colander to drain out all the water.
  5. Once the veggies have dried of, mash them and add chilli powder, salt and bread crumbs and mix well.
  6. Add coriander leaves and mix again.
  7. Now shape the mix into small patties with your hands depending on the size of your buns. Since I was using mini buns, I made small size patties.
  8. You can chill the patties for 20 minutes in a refrigerator, but this is one step I skipped as I didn’t want to wait too long.
  9. Take a non-stick pan and drizzle oil on it. Carefully place the patties on the pan.
  10. Let them cook on medium heat on one side for 4-5 minutes and turn them on the other side and allow them to cook and crisp up on the other side as well.Veg-burger-patties
  11. Once the patties are cooked, keep them aside.
  12. Butter the burger buns and place them on the same pan and let them crisp up for 1-2 minutes. Be careful to not burn them or cook them for too long and they can become hard to bite. You can skip this step if you like your buns super fresh and soft.
  13. Mix English mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup in a bowl and mix well.
  14. Cut you tomato and onion horizontally to get round slices.
  15. Now, it’s time to assemble the burgers.
  16. Nicely place the ketch-mayo-mustard mix on all the insides of the burger buns and place the patties and the veggies on them.
  17. Serve hot.