I was in mood to have something fresh and something healthy since I was eating at home on a Friday evening (yes, it was a very hectic week). So I looked into my refrigerator and found some great winter veggies like zucchini, broccoli and mushrooms. One look at my liquor cabinet and spotted a gorgeous pink French sherry I picked up a few months ago. Made this super simple and easy meal and my husband loved it. See if you like it too.

COOKING TIME: 15 minutes


  1. Mushroom – 10, diced
  2. Broccoli – ½ flower
  3. Zucchini – 2
  4. Garlic – 2 cloves
  5. Parmesan cheese – few shavings
  6. Milk – ½ cup
  7. Whole wheat flour – 1 tablespoon
  8. Sherry wine – ½ cup
  9. Garlic bread – 3-4 slices
  10. Butter
  11. Olive oil – 1 tablespoon
  12. Walnuts – 2
  13. Black pepper
  14. Salt – to taste


  1. Dice broccoli and mushrooms into bite-size pieces.
  2. Add a tablespoon of olive oil in a nonstick pan and add the veggies to it.Zucchini-salad-in-making
  3. Allow them to sweat and cook for a few minutes.
  4. In the meantime, use a peeler to shave off the zucchini and create beautiful ribbons out of them. Don’t use the seedy core as it has a high water content.
  5. Add them to the pan and add black pepper and salt to it.
  6. Cover with a lid and allow them to cook for 3-4 minutes.
  7. Turn up the heat a bit and allow the moisture to evaporate.
  8. Turn down the flame slightly and add the sherry allow the alcohol to evaporate.
  9. Take this off the flame now.
  10. In another pan, add some butter and add a tablespoon of whole wheat flour. I have replaced all-purpose flour with the usual whole wheat flour to give it a healthier twist.
  11. Mix well and pour in the milk slowly and keep whisking with a balloon whisk.
  12. Allow the sauce to come to a boil and then add some parmesan shavings and mix well and add some salt. Béchamel sauce is ready!
  13. Take the cooked veggies in a bowl and add the sauce on top. Flip the owl to mix well.
  14. Top it with some walnuts and serve with toasted garlic bread.