Parathas are a staple North Indian breakfast. All of us from that region in India have fond childhood memories of being pampered by our mums with these heavenly hot parathas. They can be made plain or stuffed with potatoes, grated radish, cauliflower, paneer or finely chopped onions. They are usually served with butter or curd or any pickle, some might fancy all three at the same time. I am using chopped onions as the stuffing in this recipe. I made it over the weekend as they are best had hot! Do give these a try and I am sure you will love it as much as my husband and I did.

COOKING TIME: 10 minutes


  1. Whole Wheat Flour – 2  cups
  2. Onion – 1 large, finely chopped
  3. Green chilli – 1, finely chopped
  4. Carom Seeds – ½ teaspoon
  5. Coriander – Few sprigs
  6. Salt – to taste
  7. Oil – for shallow frying


  1. Knead the whole wheat flour with water until it’s soft and bounces back once pressed. Keep it aside to rest for a few minutes.
  2. For making the stuffing, add a finely chop onion to a bowl. Add finely chopped coriander leaves (I add the stalks as well as they are full of flavour), green chilli and carom seeds. The carom seeds will help with the digestion.
  3. onion-corriander-stuffing-for-parathas
  4. Add salt to the stuffing mixture only once you are ready to make the parathas, otherwise, onions would release the water making it wet and then difficult to stuff inside.
  5. Take a good amount of the dough and roll it into a ball and then flatten it slightly with your hands. Dust it with dry flour to make it easy to roll.
  6. Take a rolling pin and flatten the edges of the dough ball. Try to thin out the edges while keeping slightly more thickness in the centre.
  7. Make a small bread out of it. Apply some oil on the surface and add a generous spoonful of the stuffing mixture.
  8. Bind all the sides of the dough to make it into a ball again. Flatten it with your hands slightly.
  9. Again dust it with dry flour and begin rolling it with the pin. Be gentle with it and this time smoothen it from all sides to ensure uniform thickness across.
  10. Heat a flat pan (or tawa) and place the rolled out stuffed flatbread on it. Let it cook for 1-2 minutes on medium heat. Once the side has browned slightly, turn it the other way around and apply oil on the browned side.
  11. Now repeat the same with the other side as well once it’s browned. Apply slight pressure with a spoon to ensure it gets heat on all its surface.
  12. Your paratha is ready to be served hot with butter, curd or pickle.